Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is a still life drawing of a fellow classmate. We did this as an exercise in order to tune our skill of capturing an item with speed and accuracy. I used contour lines to get the basis of the body down. I enjoy this drawing because its a very completed picture and you can clearly depict whats going on within it.

This is an illustration of a person that was sitting in front of me in class. I enjoy my use of shading and the various values that I incorporated in order to bring this still life drawing from being something basic to detailed. They kept moving around so everything is not completely proportional, but it's still a very successful portrait to me. 

My so called "self-portrait" but the thing is, it doesn't even really look like me. Took about 30 minutes to complete this drawing in which I sat in a high chair in front of my mirror at home. Even though it doesn't look like my splitting image, you can still see my face with this one. Its kind of a mystery face with the answer still in your face. Bottom line is, I like it.

This Drawing entry is by Randi Tollner. The reason why I choose this one is because I enjoy her
 use of different vales and how they contrast against the brick wall.  I also like how she didn't
 put every detail of brick veneer in but she put just enough to represent the wall as being brick. 

Sarah Harris was the artist behind this drawing. My reasoning behind choosing this one is because I like
her strong use of contrast within the handle in order to grab the sense of light hitting it. 

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